Michael Kühn

Attorney at law
specialized in tax law and criminal law

Certified Compliance Professional (CCP) Corporates (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management)

Areas of Expertise

Law regarding tax offenses
Commercial Criminal Law
Taxation dispute proceedings

Legal representation of victims and claimants in cases of fraud and defalcation.

Professional Career

  • As of 2009
    lecturer at the attorney specialization program for bank and capital market law. 
  • As of 2008
    Kühn Law Firm 
  • 12.12.2007
    Attorney specialization in criminal law 
  • 2007
    Law Offices of Leisner 
  • 2000 – 2007
    Law Offices of Blanke-Klee-Kühn, Marburg 
  • 1995 – 2000
    Law Offices of Kühn-Kühn-Weigel, Marburg 
  • 10.26.1999
    Attorney specialization in tax law 
  • 10.11.1995
    Accreditation as attorney at law 
  • 08.18.1995
    Bar examination 
  • 1987 – 1992
    Philipps-Universität Marburg School of Law 

Based on the specialization I have attained over the last couple of years, as one of only about 100 attorneys in Germany (and one out of two in Hamburg) with dual expertise in criminal and tax law, I have started my own firm in Hamburg. An offer from a Munich-based firm to open an office in Hamburg specialized in criminal and tax law lead me to leave Blanke-Klee-Kühn in Marburg.

Leaving Blanke-Klee-Kühn after seven years of successful partnership was a difficult decision. Before that I was a partner at my late father Gerhard Kühn's firm, who was a notary public and an attorney. It was at his firm where I learned to develop a broader view of law that allows me to work on cases that span different legal areas. From the beginning of my career I began to build a network with specialists from other firms and different areas of law.

Language skills



  • Criminal Law Section of the German Bar Association
  • Tax Law Section of the German Bar Association