Tax Offense Law

I represent clients and their consultants everywhere in Germany in all cases of tax offenses and related issues. When it comes to defense I see myself as a partner for your lawyer, accountant, or auditor and not as a competitor.
My areas of expertise are:

  • defense in cases of tax offenses 
    • sales tax and customs evasion
    • tax consequences of bribes and taxation thereof 
    • taxation of venture profits 
    • undisclosed income and illegal earnings in foreign accounts 
  • preventative legal counsel in criminal law cases
  • professional expertise in tax and criminal law questions 
  • support in cases of amended or corrected returns
  • counsel in cases of ongoing tax offense proccedings 
  • conception of guidelines for companies to detect risks of tax offenses 
  • legal remedies against search and confiscation, arrest and seizure
  • customs law


Customs Law

Criminal offenses and administrative offenses related to customs duties can result in significant fines and even imprisonment for acting directors and employees. In addition, the companies concerned may also be subject to sanctions under the Administrative Offenses Act (OWiG).

We defend companies as well as their managers and employees against the following allegations:

  • Customs evasion (§ 370 AO)
  • Breach of tariff laws (§ 372 AO)
  • Smuggling (§ 373 AO)
  • Receiving, concealing or selling property obtained by tax evasion or a breach of tariff laws (§ 374 AO)
  • Forgery of revenue stamps (§§ 148, 149 StGB, § 369 Abs. 1 Nr. 3 AO)
  • Aiding and abetting (§ 369 Abs. 1 Nr. 4 AO)
  • Negligent tax evasion (§ 378 AO)
  • Jeopardizing tax reveneue (§ 379 AO), excise duties (§ 381 AO), or  import and export taxes (§ 382 AO)
  • Administrative offenses (§§ 30, 130 OWiG) 


Criminal law relating to foreign trade

We competently represent you against accusations relating to cross-border transfers of goods, services, money and know-how. We also have expertise in the areas of embargo laws, export regulations, export control as well as military weapons control laws.