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Legal Expertise
Law regarding fiscal offenses

Tax Offense Law

I represent clients and their consultants everywhere in Germany in all cases of tax offenses and related issues. When it comes to defense I see myself as a partner for your lawyer, accountant, or auditor and not as a competitor.

My areas of expertise are:

• defense in cases of tax offenses
- sales tax and customs evasion
- tax consequences of bribes and taxation thereof
- taxation of venture profits
- undisclosed income and illegal earnings in foreign accounts
• preventative legal counsel in criminal law cases
• professional expertise in tax and criminal law questions
• support in cases of amended or corrected returns
• counsel in cases of ongoing tax offense proccedings
• conception of guidelines for companies to detect risks of tax offenses
• legal remedies against search and confiscation, arrest and seizure


Topical Info

Award: Boutique Criminal Law Firm of the Year in Germany

"Asset Tracing & Recovery"
The FraudNet World Compendium

Co-author of the recently published book by Bernd H. Klose: read the lecture